As the wireless industry continues to shifted from macro to many micro sites in densely populated urban centers, TECSA offer the most cost effective concealment materials and methods.

We design and build concealment using state-of-the-art materials for the wireless industry needs.

Some site locations are only approved by zoning boards based on the carriers ability to properly and effectually conceal the site. TECSA can help offer the right concealment for a specific location enabling approval for the carrier. We offer our customers the right concealment solution with the most cost-effective concealment option.

Our concealment options are designed with RF integrity and product durability allowing for a unique concealment offering.

Our design approach is focused on complete concealment. TECSA first understands the carrier’s concealment needs, then we work though the challenge whilst giving consideration as to how the site will be maintained. If not carefully thought through, a concealment installation can end up being a problem to access and maintain the site’s equipment.

At TECSA we understand that concealment must adapt to the changing technologies. We are always focused on the latest emerging technologies.

All our concealments are structurally sound and provide a stable concealment solution in the field.

In metropolitan cities and suburban areas alike, concealment must go un-noticed. We design our concealments so they do not detract from the architectural design element. We study the existing site elements to offer one of our many concealment options such as stone textures, stucco, block, and simulated brick to match and blend into an existing building’s facade.

TECSA’s rooftop concealments can actually compliment an existing site location with our innovative shrubs, ficus, cypress, and other planters option to green-up a space.

DAS deployments are increasing every year. The need for a proper DAS concealment is critical to the installation as not to be seen.

Concealment not only has to look real, but must also withstand the rigours of the harsh outdoor elements of the local site environment. Other factors that must be considered are the wind speed tolerances and wind loads. A particular site location’s surroundings can dictate how a concealment might be deployed.

TECSA commonly works with existing site structures, and has the know-how to install the proper concealment infrastructure without altering the current site appearance.

Whether the RF transmission equipment is installed in an urban or suburban location, TECSA has the proper concealment option.

Whether you need a flagpole, light pole, faux tower or something completely custom, TECSA offers a concealment option with a broad range of specifications.

LTE upgrades can sometimes have increased antenna size, which demands new, and larger radomes. TECSA has many options to offer our clients the appropriate concealment solution to handle any site location factors.