About Us


Todays technological advances in wireless telecommunications have revolutionised the way we communicate. Included in this technological revolution is the ability to have the mobile internet, which has allowed all devises to be able to connect wirelessly from any point one can receive a signal. The ability to receive this signal is the crucial access point to the mobile internet universe.

Telecom carriers have been racing to install these mobile sites to allow connectivity to the mobile internet. However, the irony is where there are the highest density of people, typically inner urban areas which posses historical architecture, those inhabitants want the connectivity but do not want to see the antenna arrays that connect them. TECSA provides its clients the concealment solutions to allow for mobile RF installations without being seen thus avoiding the controversy that normally surrounds an unsightly antenna array.

TECSA (Tower, Energy, & Construction) is the concealment technology business unit that is part of the AJ Telecom Group. AJ Telecom has been providing tower & pole manufacturing to the telecom industry from its factories since 1984. We have over thirty-two (32) years of telecom infrastructure experience. TECSA is charged with providing innovative concealment solutions to our clients throughout the twelve (12) counties we operate. Please do not hesitate to contact us at info@tecsa.com

We execute every kind of Maintenances,or communications networks, as much in the tower as in roads and correlated works.